November 12, 2011

November 3, 1953 - Traphagen School

This is a letter my father wrote to his father (age 13).

Dear Pop,

As I have already told you today is visiting day. You will see me doing just what I do every day at school.

I have been telling my marks in all my subjects when I get them. I hope you see I am doing rather well. I like science the best of all my subjects. Here we learn many interesting facts about things we knew little about before. Even though I consider math my best subject I get bored often. I guess it is because it is mostly review work. This year in social studies I am getting very good marks which surprisingly enough was my worst subject last year. I hope you can see by this letter how I am doing in English.

We in the eighth grade are now the big cheeses of the school. No more getting bossed around or the like. It's quite a job to get used to the name Traphagen but we are doing it.

Our class has a great deal of class spirit. In the recent Red Cross Drive, our class was the first eighth grade with 100% membership. We collected over thirteen dollars and had an average of almost fifty cents a person. Our class is also trying to cooperate with its officers and is doing quite well.

When you come this afternoon you will see our class in action. I hope you will enjoy yourself even if it does remind you of days gone by.

Your son,

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