October 31, 2011

January 26, 1962 - Mark Lazerwith

Dear Jeffrey,

Congratuatlions! Boy, the ranks of us bachelors are sure getting thin. I'm really looking forward to meeting Margery (Midge for short). Before I go any further, let me say I accept your offer to be your best man with the greatest of enthusiasm. You know I've been an usher twice (2 Lutheran weddings), but this is my first time as best man. I'll try to do my best, considering the lack of prior experience.

It's great to hear you're going to Harvard Medical School. There's nothing like picking the best. I visited Harvard two summers ago and I still remember the student sitting against an old oak tree in the Harvard yard, slowing strumming a guitar. I left as if I had stepped back 300 years to colonial America - that really is some campus.

I'm first in between semesters now - only one more to go and then the bar if all goes well. I've just about had my fill of formal education for the time being and I won't be too sorry about getting out in the real world. For social life, I'm still playing the field as they say, going through numbers like mad.

Jeff, again, congratulations. Tell Midge that a 1st cousin says hello and looking forward to meeting her.

Sincerely, Mark

(Note Mark Lazerwith died May 25, 2007, he would not marry until 1968).

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