October 26, 2011

Amherst Chapter of Sigma Xi - May 25, 1962

Mr. Jeffrey A. Gottlieb
408 Morrow
Amherst College
Amherst, Massachusetts

Dear Mr. Gottlieb:

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that at the last meeting of the Amherst Chapter of the Society of the Sigma Xi, you were elected to Associate Membership in the Society.

Sigma Xi, the National Honorary Scientific Research Society, has as one of its purposes the recognition of those students, members of the faculty, research associates, and others who have shown noteworthy achievement as original investigators in science or who show definite promise of research ability. Its other functions are: the maintenance of companionship among investigators in various fields of science, the sponsoring of meetings for the discussion of scientific subjects, and the fostering of an interest in science in the college.

The Initiation of new members will take place at the end of the Banquet to be held in the Lord Jeffrey Inn at 6 p.m on Thursday, June 14. The dress will be informal. If your parents would like to come to the Banquet, we hope that you will invite them.

At 8 p.m. Professor George Wald of Harvard University will deliver a public lecture in Johnson Chapel entitled, "The Origin of Death."

The Initiation Fee is $8.00 and covers National and Local Dues and a subscription to the American Scientist for one year. In order to make arrangements for the Banquet and Initiation, I must have the following before Thursday, June 7:

A. an indication in writing that you accept the election and that you will be able to attend the Initiation
B. your permanent mailing address for the American Scientist,
C. The Initiation Fee of $8.00 plus $3.60 for each guest you bring to the Banquet (checks payable to: Amherst Chapter of Sigma Xi).

Please accept my warmest congratulations.

Cordially yours,
Willard Richards, Secretary
Amherst Chapter of Sigma Xi

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