October 26, 2011

Harvard Medical School - December 15, 1961

Dear Mr. Gottleib (sic):

It is my privilege to offer you, on behalf of the Committee on the Admission of Students, a place in the first year class at the Harvard Medical School, beginning on September 15, 1962.

This admission is, of course, contingent upon your successfully completing the current academic year, including the official requirements for admission, and maintaining a standard generally similar in quality to your present credentials. In this connection, you should arrange to have supplementary transcripts forwarded to us as soon as they are available.

We ascribe to all of the "Acceptance Procedures of the Association of American Medical Colleges", of which you have received a copy, but in fairness to other applicants, it would be very helpful if you would let us know as soon as possible whether or not you wish to accept this offer. To reserve a place in the class, a check or money order for $50.00, payable to Harvard University, must be received by this office not later than January 15, 1962, or three weeks from the date of this letter, whichever is later. If you have a valid reason for wishing a longer period to decide upon acceptance or rejection of this offer, and will write us the full circumstances, we will be willing to consider your request for an extension.

In order than any further information or material that you will need prior to registration may reach you promptly, will you please keep us informed of any changes in your address. If you are a veteran, please send the School a copy of your discharge papers, and, if available, a copy of your "Report of Transfer or Discharge". In view of the present step-up in military service requirements, please indicate whether or not you have reserve military status. If you have a commission in any branch of the service other than the Medical Department, you should immediately apply for transfer to the Medical Service Corps.

Sincerely yours,
Perry J. Culver, M.D.
Assistant Dean

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