October 29, 2011

Dean. J. Heitler - November 25, 1975

I was shocked and saddened to learn of your recent loss, although it has been years since I've seen you and you may not even remember me, I always considered myself a friend of Jeff at Amherst. I was fortunate to have been his classmate and to share so many good times with him.

He was always sympathetic to those like me, less gifted than he. I remember his friendly encouragement in organic chemistry class and the ease with which he learned and the glee club music. But most of all I remember how personable he always was and how much he always added to our times together.

I am now living in New York City with my wife Sherry and three year old daughter Jill, and we'd love to see you the next time you come to New York. Sherry is in her final year of Law School and soon she'll be off on her new career. As for me, I doing advertising for Nabisco and JB Williams.

You'll be pleased to know that my family has been extremely active in fund raising for Cancer Research. My father is a trustee of the Eleanor Rooosevelt Foundation and has helped raise funds for the construction of there work. We all pray that the dreaded disease will be diagnosed and cured. I know Jeff did his part. We will all miss Jeff.

Please give us a call when you come to New York.

Sincerely yours,

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