October 23, 2011

Letter to Oncology News - July 22, 1975

Dear Mr. Silber:

Enclosed is an edited and slightly shortened version of the material forwarded to you by Mrs. Jane Brandenberger's office last week. Dr. Emil J. Freireich and I discussed the material to be sent to you for ONCOLOGY NEWS and agreed that this is an appropriate statement for your publication.

Thank you for the opportunity to include this obituary notice in ONCOLOGY NEWS. Doctor Gottlieb was highly respected as a scientist/physician and as a concerned and friendly person at M.D. Anderson Hospital. Many individuals here feel the loss of this young man very keenly.

For your interest and possibly inclusion in the obituary notice, (left entirely to your discretion) a Jeffrey A. Gottlieb Memorial Fund has been established here at the hospital. Doctor Gottlieb was a superb teacher of undergraduates, postgraduate fellows, residents, and interns, and made major contributions to the continuing education efforts here at Anderson Hospital. The Gottlieb Memorial Fund will establish an annual lectureship in Doctor Gottlieb's memory. Numerous co-workers at every level in the Anderson Hospital have already contributed to this fund.

Sincerely yours,

R. Lee Clark, M.D. (President at M.D. Anderson)

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