October 23, 2011

MD Anderson Messenger - Aug-Sept 1975

In Memorium - Dr. Jeffrey A. Gottlieb

Dr. Jeffrey A. Gottlieb, chief of Chemotherapy Service at Anderson died July 1, of cancer.

At age 35, Dr. Gottlieb had established himself as an international leader in the field of chemotherapy. After joining M.D. Anderson in 1970, he pioneered the use of two important antitumor drugs, adriamycin and bleomycin, in the treatment of cancer patients.

Dr. Gottlieb was a master at combining chemicals so as to take advantage of their different actions, molding them into treatments more effective than any of the drugs used alone. He contributed significantly to the technique of clinical testing of the drugs, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of such drug trials. Treatments developed by Dr. Gottlieb are widely used throughout the world.

"That we should lose him is nothing short of tragic," says Dr. Emil Freireich, head of the Department of Development Therapeutics, under whom Dr. Gottlieb worked. 'Every day we can cure more and more people of cancer. But there is always that small percentage for whom it seems nothing we cna do really helps. The day we can stop every single case, that is the day we are working for. It is the goal towards which Dr. Gottlieb was working."

Dr. Gottlieb serviced Anderson in many ways other than those in his capacities as Chief of Chemotherapy Service, Associate Professor of Medicine and Associate Internist. His administrative activities included serving as Chairman of the Investigational Drug Committee and as a member of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee of the Executive Committee of the Medical Staff. He devised an excellent procedure for the introduction and safe administration of new drugs to patients. He was a member of Anderon's Education Committee and served on the Program Committee for 1973 for the Medical Oncology Course, on 1974 Clinical Conference Program Committee, and on the 1976 Symposium Topics Subcommittee.

He gave Anderson and the people who worked with him his quiet leadership and warm interest. It is for these qualities, added to his remarkable accomplishments, that he will be remembered through the Jeffrey A. Gottlieb Memorial Fund to establish an annual lectureship. Those wishing to contribute may do so at E.R. Gilley's office, room 116.

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