October 23, 2011

Personal Letter - July 6, 1975

Dear Midge (Jeff's wife, my mother),

I was devoted to your husband four years.

His very own private adm. asst.

In stupidity I did not save any tapes that I transcribed. In the last few months he called me everyday to dictate by phone as I typed his words. Any letters he wrote in that marvelous mind are yours. I will find them all and xerox them for you.

You see, Midge, I love you as Jeff's mate.

He has an office in the center pavilion. He couldn't get there to see his private window. There is a sign on the door that reads Jeffrey A. Gottlieb, M.D., under that sign is another that reads Edmund A. Gehan, Ph.D. That's the way Dr. Gehan wanted it.

Those signs should stay there forever. One day when you are able, come see Jeff's private office. The pavilion has stood approximately 18 years. It will stand forever now for Dr. Gottlieb. - Dorothy Abernathy, 6:45 AM

7:10 I had another thought quick get it down. A Ph.D. who writes about mosquitos (I know that's important) occupies a larger office that is decorated with his beautiful property. That should belong to Dr. Gottlieb. We will decorate that with Dr. Gottlieb's property. I have some things for it too. Your wish is my command.

Dr. Freireich told me there will be a chair in Jeff's Name. It is Dr. Freireich's decision and yours where office for your husband will be. It should be at MDA of course.

Dear Jay,
As always you are right the first time. Just tell me where Dr. Gottlieb's office will be so I can donate to it.

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