October 31, 2011

Jan 19, 1962 - Alfred S. Schwartz, M.D.

Dear Bunny,

Just heard from Andy about the various pieces of good news about Jeff and hasten to send you my congratulations. So -- our very best on his engagement and forthcoming marriage. And of course Harvard Medical School is no mean achievement -- in our opinion it's the very best of the medical schools (can't be chauvanistic about Hopkins or Washington U.). It does seem as if your son has a fine start and I am sure you are very proud of him. We also saw the college bowl program and were cheering your lad on even though Amherst was less than magnificant at that time.

Andy is very happy with Amherst as I knew he would be. Of course I never did push Amherst for my boys but I must say I am pleased that I do have one son going there. Actually Harvard happens to be just right for Steve who is doing intensive work in chemistry. Where my next son will go I don't know - - perhaps they have a graduate school in comic books and beat music somewhere - - he'll get in there for sure.

So again -- our heaviest congratulations and best wishes. One of these days we'll see each other - - perhaps at Amherst in the spring. Best to your wife.

As ever, Al.

(Note Alfred Schwartz was a 1st cousin to Bernard Gottlieb, Jeffrey's father)

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