October 26, 2011

Playthings - May 1959

Another post for Jeffrey Gottlieb's father, Bernard Lee Gottlieb.

Bernard L. Gottlieb, widely known toy business executive, has joined Toy Guidance Council, Inc., New York City, as a vice-president, according to Mel Freud, president of the Council.

This key appointment, said Mr. Freud, is one of several which are planned in connection with a program of expanded activities for the Council and its new exhibit.

Few people in the industry possess a background in toys as extensive and all-encompassing as Mr. Gottlieb's. For him, the toy business has been a lifelong environment. As the son of I. Gottlieb, a founder and former president of the Schranz & Bieber Company, Inc., he actually was reared within sight and earshot of the products, jargon and ways of the trade.

After earning a BA degree and varsity letters in football, baseball and basketball at Amherst College, he joined the Lionel Corporation as assistant to the sales manager. He continued, however, with post graduate studies at New York University until he received a master's degree in foreign trade.

It was with Schranz & Bieber that he first applied his highly-specialized knowledge of international commerce. There, he established and directed an export sales department. Within a few years, this department was accounting for sales of almost $1 million annually.

When World War II came, Mr. Gottlieb served with the Navy as an instructor in the Weather Service, attached to the Blimp Squadron at Lakehurst, N.J.

After service, he joined Schranz & Bieber as director of sales. He remained with the firm until 1957, when he became general sales manager for the Henry Katz Sales Organization.

Arthur E. Taylor, executive vice-president of Toy Guidance Council, pointed out that Mr. Gottlieb's duties at the Council will bring into action all of his vast knowledge of toys. "He will be exceptionally valuable," said Mr. Taylor, "to all of the toy buyers who will look to the new Toy Guidance Council Exhibit as a key source of vital product information. He knows toys thoroughly. He understands the problems and aims of wholesale and retail distribution. And he has an uncanny talent of judging the potential saleability of new toy products.

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