October 26, 2011

May 13, 1959 - Daily Argus, Mount Vernon, NY

This is a post for Jeff Gottlieb's father, Bernard Gottlieb.

Bernard Gottlieb, named vice president of the Toy Guidance Council, Inc.

Bernard L. Gottlieb, 22 Euclid Ave. has been appointed vice president of the Toy Guidance Council, Inc., it was announced today by Melvin Freud, president.

Mr. Gottlieb, general sales manager of the Henry Katz, Inc., international sales representatives for toy manufacturers, has been associated with the toy field since graduation from college. After serving as assistant to the sales manager of the Lionel Corp., he joined his father's firm, Schranz & Bieber Co., and established an export sales department.

After World War II, in which he served as weather service instructor, he rejoined Schranz & Bieber as director of sales until 1957, when he assumed his present position with the Katz organization.

Mr. Gottlieb has a bachelor's degree from Amherst College and a master's degree in foreign trade from New York University.

The Toy Guidance Council is an independent business organization which passes on and recommends to the public toys it believes to be of the greatest value in regards to safety, durability and educational merit.

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