October 28, 2011

Walter Kasell - Jan 13, 1976

It was with great shock and sorrow that I read Tom Woodhouse's article about Jeff in the Alumni News which only reached me today because of my year's stay abroad. Although I only knew Jeff for a short time, and hadn't seen him in many years, I was deeply saddened by the news of his passing. I still cannot get that lively image out of my memory. I am consoled, as you must be, by the thoughts that so many people who lives he touched will have written and spoken to you of the effected be had on them.

He was my dorm advisor, you probably remember, when I was a freshman at Amherst, 13 years ago, not long before he made up his mind to marry you. I remember the letters he sent off to the other admirers - the unlucky ones - tell them of his decision. I also remember double-dating, and a glorious evening with you and Jeff and Ellen, that would up over bagels and lox in the Village.

He will not quickly be forgotten, I am sure. Not by me, nor by the many people be affected and helped as a doctor, and most of all as a person. Please accept my expression of deepest sympathy, and convey my condolences to your family, & Ellen, and to Jeff's family.

Walter Kasell

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