October 27, 2011

Monday Morning - 6/26/61

In 1961, my father sang with the Amherst-Smith Chamber Singers European Tour. He was one of the soloists. Here I post some of the postcards he sent home to his parents.

Over Spain now. Great flight. Feel and felt fine. The food was absolutely fabulous. Breakfast was mixed grill, egg, danish, etc. Stopped at Gandor, near farmland last night where K/M treated us to a drink. Then had champagne back on the plane. I travelled in the 1st class compartment - in the back - very quiet and smooth. The K/M people really treated us nicely. The country side of Spain is below now. It's 11:15 in Spain, but 6:15 for you. Will have to get some sleep I guess.

Love, Jeff

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