October 23, 2011

Harris County Medical Society - July 16, 1975

Dear Mrs. Gottlieb:

The recent loss of you, your family and friends sustained is shared by all members of the Harris County Medical Society. We were deeply saddened to learn of Doctor Gottlieb's passing.

We would like for you know that your husband's colleagues stand ready to be of help to you in this time of grief and sorrow. We are aware that the next few weeks will be most trying for you but we wish to inform you that a committee comprised of past presidents of this Medical Society is available for counseling with you should you need assistance with the myriad details concerning the business side of the doctor's practice. If you need this service, when it is convenient for you, please contact Mrs. Dean Little in the Medical Society office and she will be happy to arrange a meeting of the Heir committee to meet with you and discuss how it may be of help.

The physicians of Harris County Medical Society are selecting a volume to be placed as a permanent memorial to Doctor Gottlieb in the Houston Academy of Medicine Library for the Texas Medical Center. This book will carry a designation on the inside front of its cover to the memory of your husband.

Again, we wish to express our sympathy in your loss. We share this moment of grief and sadness with you and offer our sincerest condolences.

William M. Sherrill, M.D. (President)

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