October 28, 2011

William Regelson, Professor and Chairman, Division of Medical Oncology - September 10, 1975

Dear Mrs. Gottlieb:

I have known your husband ever since we were both on a site visit at Duke University some three or four years ago. He impressed me then, but what really counts is the leadership role that he has played in the entire field of clinical cancer research, both as relates to chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Jeff was important to all that we are doing and what everyone else is now accepting as standard therapy. He was ahead of the mob, and everything he did attested to his leadership! We recognized his value, and the loss is all the harder to bear because we really need good people in this business.

I write you this because even though I knew he was ill, it shocks me to see that we have lost him. I just had to tell somebody close to him how much I respected his ability and intelligence.

I know it is little comfort for you to get letters from total strangers, but I am upset, and sometimes it is a comfort to know that others are mourning with you.

My love to you and your family.

Sincerely yours,

William Relson, MD
Medical College of Virginia Hospitals
Virgina Commonwealth University
MCV Station, Richmond, Virginia 23298

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